River Rafting the Tidal Bore in Nova Scotia
Whitewater Tidal Bore River Rafting in Nova Scotia
Whitewater Tidal Bore Rafting Tours on the Shubenacadie River - Nova Scotia's largest River.

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Tidal Bore Rafting Tours

We only offer a full Rafting Tour. On this Tour we board our boats at low tide and travel out to the mouth of the Shubenacadie River where it meets the Bay of Fundy. There we wait for the incoming tide. The arrival of the Tidal Bore signals the beginning of our trip. We follow the Tidal Bore up-river and ride the roller coaster tidal rapids that form behind it. In our boats we shoot these rapids over and over again until the rapids eventually dissipate.
The tidal bore signals the beginning of our trip as we follow the bore and ride the roller coaster rapids up-river.
Just sit back, hang on, and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

These tidal rapids occur over patches of sand bars and we ride 6 to 8 of these areas of rapids during our Tour. Once the water gets deep enough the sand bars no longer cause rapids and then we motor back to where we started for some snacks.

This tour takes just over 3 hours to complete and covers up to 10 miles of river
. It is great for all ages, because our experienced guides will tailor your adventure to your group. Please bring a towel and a change of clothes because you will get wet.

Experience roller coaster tidal rapids reaching heights of up to 16' or more depending on river conditions.

Watch this video for an example of what our tours are like.

• Meet at the river's edge at the designated time
• Safety and boat orientation
• Launch the boats and head down-stream to the mouth of the river
• Wait in the boat or on sand bars for the arrival of the tidal bore
• Ride the tidal bore and shoot the tidal rapids, following them as they travel upstream
• Once the rapids are engulfed by the rising tide, head back to the launch site
• Change clothes, have some snacks, and mingle with your guides and the other guests
• Consider giving mud sliding a try on your own after the trip
• Also consider visiting the nearby Fundy Tidal Interpretive Center on your way out

Safety First - All tours are professionally guided by experienced River Guides that know the river.

Whitewater Tidal Bore Rafting Tours on the Shubenacadie River, Nova Scotia
TOURS are $75 per person plus tax. We have the capacity for 24 passengers on the boats used for our Rafting Tour.

*Please arrive at the departure site either on or before the designated time. Just like the tide, we cannot wait for late arrivals.
Note that we raft rain or shine but reserve the right to cancel tours in the event of bad weather and events beyond our control. Please contact us for details.


Contact us by phone or email to book your seats early.

Tidal Bore Rafting in Nova Scotia

Rafting on the Shubenacadie River
Tidal Bore Rafting
Rafting Nova Scotia

Experience the Shubenacadie River's awesome power... RIDE THE TIDAL BORE!


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